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Indigo Dreams: Awesome Music/Nature Sounds for Meditation for kids (and mama too!)

Recently I’ve been getting into meditation.

If you asked me, even a year ago, to try meditating, I’d have given you a big ol’ eyeroll and heavy sigh.  “Meditation? BO-RING!!!”  But some time around September 2015, along with a great many other people’s uptick in interest of various things metaphysical, I decided to give it a shot.

Well, compared to past attempts at it, I was a little better at sitting still, but my mind was still a bit of a racecourse for speeding gerbils.  Not very relaxing, though I tried.  I really wanted in on the various global meditations for world peace that were going on – we sure could use a bit more of that stuff, am-I-right-or-am-I-right?

indigo relax

Then another mama online mentioned that an MP3 album on Amazon – “Indigo Dreams: Rainforest Relaxation” (right now it’s free to listen to for Prime members) was great for helping her kids relax and get to sleep!  Wild horses couldn’t have stopped me from test-driving that one! 😀   Being a good mama, of course I tried it out on myself and decided to see how it went for relaxing me during a try at meditation.

Wow, yeah! It was certainly relaxing!  In fact, it was SO relaxing, I was able to have myself a little mama nap! 😀 (I love those!)

So I started having little meditation sessions with the kids – Z was bored and wandered off, but H took to it like a duck to water.  I noticed that she seemed to have better control of her temper afterwards too!

So have I tried it on them at bedtime?  Not yet, actually.  I can’t let them have the kindle (tablet) in their room at night, they’d just start playing Minecraft, lol!  And it’s a bit of a bother to transfer it from the computer to their MP3 player, but I guess I gotta get of my butt and get that done, huh?  I’ll update after I’ve done that and seen how well it zonks out the kids. 😀

For all the parents who sacrifice for their kids…

Saw this video on Facebook and just had to share it – brought tears to our eyes…

Changing a Tire in 5 Simple Steps – Yes ladies, you NEED to read this!

The first time I had to pump my own gas, I fumbled my way through fueling up my car, carefully reading all the warning stickers at the pump and near my gas tank, worried that the slightest mishap would result in a fiery explosion.

Not fun.

Phrases such as “Real women don’t pump gas.” were the usual for that time, 25 years ago.  When we ran into trouble, we wrung our hands helplessly and out of self-preservation, flattered whomever deigned to help us in hopes that they’d be a help rather than a danger.

Now jump ahead to 2014 when I’m a mother to two girls and you’d better believe I’m going to make sure that they can not only pump their own gas, but also change their own tires in an emergency, instead of waiting helplessly by the side of the road in hopes that the passerby pulling over to help them isn’t a predator!

Below is a helpful visual guide for changing a car tire.  Personally, I’ve never changed one before and if I’d had to do so before reading this infographic, I’d probably have felt just as awkward and unsure as I did the first time I had to pump my own gas.

Now, I think I’d feel pretty competent about what I’d need to do!

how to change a flat tire
Image via Every Car Listed.


*This was a sponsored post.  Image was provided to me by sponsor, but the written text above is my own opinion and does not necessarily reflect that of the sponsor’s.

Summer Science Project: DIY Self-Watering Planters

This summer, in addition to the usual summer-slide-combating schoolwork, we will be attempting two science projects!

Our first project will be to see what happens when we try to grow plants in some DIY Self-Watering Planters! O

ur planters will attempt to re-create the layout of Earthboxes, a self-watering container garden, on a smaller scale to see what happens!  These planters are my own design and we’ve never tried them before, so it’ll be interesting to see what the twins will hypothesize about what will happen, and whether or not it will match up with reality.  (Personally, I think that eventually, maybe the roots will grow out the lid holes and enter the bottom portion, but who knows?)

We used 46oz containers of Low Sodium V8 (it’s higher in Potassium than the regular flavor :D)

Once you’ve planted your seeds or seedlings and watered them the first time, wait until the jar lid has stopped dripping, then CAREFULLY lift out the top portion and fill the bottom portion with water so that when you put the top portion back, the jar lid and pour spout are submerged – be careful not to over-fill or you’ll have a mess on your hands! Then, the water will be wicked up into the top portion’s soil through the holes in the lid.

You won’t need to water everyday (unless your plant is REALLY thirsty or you live somewhere hot and dry and the water evaporates too quickly), but keep an eye on it to re-add water if the waterline falls below the jar lid.

Also if you start getting algae growth just empty and clean out the bottom portion and re-fill again.

Have fun! 😀

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