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An early post…part seven…

Friday, May 18, 2007

 Chips Ahoy!
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I recently went shopping at our local Publix supermarket.  (This is a chain that seems to be prevalent in the Southeast.)

As I drooled my way past the bakery counter cake display(I can only window-shop, since I’m trying SO hard to avoid getting gestational diabetes),  I noticed a sign by the cookie display:

“Free cookie for child 12 and under, accompanied by adult.”


I then looked down at my protruding pregnant belly.

My twins were most certainly under 12, and they were, for the present, unavoidably accompanied by an adult – me!

So, with cravings in hand, I boldly went forth to the counter and announced to the attendant that I had two children, under 12, and that they were certainly being accompanied by an adult.  Then I pointed to my protruding abdomen.

The attendant blinked, then went to confer with her supervisor.

And thus it was that I ended up walking away, clutching two chocolate-chip cookies in hand.

My husband, who regularly puts his cookie boxes (yep, that’s right, the fiend scarfs down entire boxes of chocolate chip cookies – organic ones – about one box per week,) up on a high shelf so that I can’t snarf up a whole box at one sitting (pot, kettle, who cares?  All’s fair in cookies and war!), looked at me with his patented, mournful, begging puppy-eyes™ and shamelessly even made little pathetic whimper noises, hoping I’d share some of my booty.

Nuh-uh!  I (self-)righteously proclaimed that these were for my two children, and I intended to see that they got ’em, one way or another.  And as he was missing that all-important placental barrier that would convey the essence of cookie-goodness to our children, it was my duty and obligation to eat both of those cookies myself.

Ahh…the sacrifices we mothers are called upon to make for our children…

An early post…part six…

Friday, May 11, 2007

 The ritual sacrifice of underwear
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I’m beginning to feel like one of the hippos from the Disney movie “Fantasia”, only less limber.

My size 12 undie were getting too tight, so I had to cut through the elastic waistbands so I could wear them another week.  My size 14’s still fit, but probably in the next week or so, I’ll have to start hacking away at them too.  Unfortunately, Walmart doesn’t sell size 16’s, so I might end up wearing about as much as that ol’ hippo up there!

I recently switched OB’s.  Not the easiest thing to do when you’re 7 months along with twins, but he was willing to take me on.  I was getting the feeling with the old OB that she was just “yes”ing me about trying to avoid a c-section.  And in any case, she told me that there was only a 25% chance she’d be my attending OB at the birth, because she shares the practice with 3 other people whom I have not been able to meet.

So I found the new OB (recommended by the doula we’re going to hire), and he’s pretty nice.  He’s from CANADA!  He’s SO polite and patient.

He also has a solo practice, and just has another OB fill in for him every other weekend.  He’s also willing to try for a regular birth as long as the babies are ok. 

In other news, I got my first ever Mother’s Day card!  Thanks Mom!  I loved it!

Tomorrow I go on a tour of the pediatrician’s office and hopefully pick out one of their pediatricians.  We’re hoping for someone who is open to naturopathic medicine and won’t regard it as the equivalent of swinging a dead cat overhead under the light of a full moon!

Both the babies are kicking away merrily – one kicks out and the other focuses on kicking my guts.  How nice, they’re cooperating.  Isn’t teamwork a lovely thing?

My husband has continued to put his cookie supply way overhead out of my reach.  He also has the nasty habit of eating them out of the box/bag and LICKING his fingers before reaching for the next cookie.  Jeez, even if I COULD reach them, I wouldn’t want to eat any after watching him do THAT!

That’s pretty much it for now.  Have a great Mother’s Day everyone!

An early post…part five…

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

 Department Store Shocker !!!
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This past weekend, my husband took me to a shopping mall.  We were on a quest to find a good maternity/nursing bra.  I wasn’t satisfied with the ones in BabiesRUs, as they seemed rather pricey and underwearish.  I was hoping for a tanktop-like style that I could wear as outerwear.

Surely JC Penney’s would have something, I thought.

I thought wrong.  And thus our journey began…

We parked outside JCP, and went in search of our quarry.  Finally, stashed in an out of the way corner, with store debris listing over it’s shelves, we found the pitifully few boxes of maternity/nursing bras.  No attempt made at attracting customers whatsoever.  They also, incidentally, had NOTHING in the way of maternity-wear at all.

So we decided to try our luck at Sears and the other major chain department stores.

Well, a few steps into the mall I realized that there was no way on God’s green earth that I’d be able to traipse through the mall dragging a 7 month’s pregnant w/twins belly! So kind-hearted dear that my husband is, he went off to fetch me a wheelchair.

I gotta tell you – I may never walk again!

So he wheeled me to Sears, Dillards, Macy’s and some other store I forget.  And the results were even more dismal than the pitiful display at JCP!

There was a complete LACK of anything maternity related at any of those “fine” stores!

They ALL discriminated against pregnant people!  I felt marginalized!  I felt oppressed!  My right to squander my consumer dollars in a major American department store on the clothing of my choice had been unceremoniously QUASHED!

For shame, America, for shame!

Looking at all their displays of over-sexed clothing for “tweens”, teens and young ladies, I wondered…just what the heck did those stores think would be the end result of all that flaunting of female flesh??

Did they think that babies came from the cabbage patch?

“Hello! Welcome to (insert name)’s Department Store!  You are welcome as long as you do not procreate!  We neither want to see you nor hear you until you drop the pups and come back to buy babywear!  We are in complete denial of the “facts of life”.  You and your money are most certainly NOT welcome here for the duration of your gestation!  No pregnant people allowed – This means YOU!  Begone and darken our doorstep no longer!  Get thee hence from whence you came!”

I almost expected the salespeople to start hissing at me and making “cross” signs with their fingers!

Someone call Ralph Nader and the ACLU!

We did find an itsy bitsy maternity store in the mall – it was also rather pitiful.  I parked my husband in the wheelchair in a quiet corner of the store and he settled down for a nap while I shopped. 

Signs advised me to choose my pre-pregnancy size number.  The so-called maternity undies – well let’s just say that the “pre-preggie” sizes resmembled small hankies!  I weighed 128 before getting preggers.  But the only “pre-preg” size they had that would even come close to fitting me in THAT store was a 4x!

Their other clothing was also on the smallish side.  Who knew there was such a large market for anorexic pregnant people? 

Well, anyway I resigned myself to having to buy the undie-looking bras – but unfortunately those 100% cotton ones were made in China.  I had heard recently that China still sprays much of their cotton crops with DDT.  So much for that.

Of the few other items I did like, they didn’t have my size in stock. 

Well, we then decided to remove our un-welcome butts from that mall and go home.  I guess I’ll have to shop online if I want something wearable.


Thought-provoking news article: ” Are Bratz dolls too sexy?”

An early post…part four…

Saturday, April 28, 2007

 Doing my bit to combat obesity
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Recently, on one of the few outings I can still manage, my husband and I went to Wild Oats supermarket.  After we had shopped, we sat down at one of the tables they had in their “eating” area (which was right smack dab in the middle of frozen foods) to eat lunch. 

While we were noshing, a mother and two kids went digging in the ice-cream section.  While the mother and 3yr old girl pulled out pints, the little boy, about 4 or 5 dragged out a QUART container of ice-cream and announced proudly to all and sundry “I’m going to eat SO MUCH ice-cream!!”  His mother did not protest this.

So, I said to the boy, “Well I used to eat SO MUCH ice-cream, and look what happened to me!” Then I leaned back from our table and pointed to my 7 months pregnant stomach.

The little boy’s eyes bugged out and his jaw dropped.  The kid looked completely shocked, stunned and appalled!

Somehow, I don’t think he’ll be eating “so much” of anything for awhile.  I’ve probably scarred him for life.

It’s been over a week since then, and I still get a good laugh out of it.

Sometimes, life is just too good to me.
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