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#GBTravelSafe Infant Car Seat Sweepstakes! Win a $500 BabiesRUs GC.

**I participated in a Blog Blast Activation on behalf of Influence Central for GB. I received a promotional item to thank me for my participation.

There’s a big difference between having your baby all nice and snug in the womb, and after birth when you have to trust their safety to a car seat.  We researched for weeks to find the right car seats for our twins, and then to find a place that would help make sure we’d installed it correctly!  Car seats are one of the baby care items you can NOT skimp on!  We did our best to find the right one – a convertible car seat – and realized when we put the girls in them for the first time that we hadn’t properly taken into account that even though the twins were full term (39 weeks), they were both kind of shrimpy compared to average infant sizes! The seats were a tad too large and needed adjustments made until the babies grew a bit more.  We also found that we needed a mirror in the back seat so we could see them reflected in the rearview while they were still in the backwards facing stage.

And please remember: DO NOT BUY USED CARSEATS!  You just don’t know what kind of inner structural damage they could have if they’ve already been in a crash – and you’ve got no way of truly knowing if they have or not.  Also, REGISTER your carseat, so the manufacturer has a way to get in touch with you in case of recalls.

pTRU1-20241715dt pTRU1-20241715_alternate1_dt

Car seats are one of the most important purchases parents make! That’s why GB places their priority on safety with the GB Asana35 AP Car Seat. Their unique 3-way FirmFit System provides Mom and Dad the ultimate peace of mind.

As part of GB’s effort to promote car seat safety and their recently launched Asana35 AP car seat, the GB Travel Safe Sweepstakes is offering Moms a chance to win a $500 Babies “R” Us gift card with second and third place winners to receive GB baby gear like the GB Asana35 AP and the compatible GB Zuzu stroller! Leading up to this grand prize, weekly winners will receive Babies “R” Us gift cards. Know any Moms with Babies “R” Us baby registries? They’ll get extra points for adding the Asana35 AP to their registry!

GB Travel Safe Sweepstakes


  • Winners will receive:
  • Grand Prize:
  • $500 Babies “R” Us Gift Card.
  • Second Prize:
  • GB Asana35 AP Car Seat
  • GB Zuzu Stroller
  • Third Prize:
  • GB Asana35 AP Car Seat
  • Additional Sweepstakes Winners:
  • Each week, two Sweepstakes participants will be randomly selected to win a $50 Babies “R” Us Gift Card.
  • Each week, one Sweepstakes participant will be randomly selected to win a $100 Babies “R” Us Gift Card.
  • To enter the GB Travel Safe Sweepstakes and win the Grand, Second, or Third Prizes, Sweepstakes participants can get points during the time period of the Sweepstakes. Points are awarded by performing tasks found within the entry widget on the Sweepstakes website (, which consists of Tweets, watching a short video on the GB Asana35 AP, visiting the Asana35 AP product page on, and pinning images from Pinterest.
  • If you have a Babies “R” Us registry, you can gain extra points by adding the GB Asana35 AP and providing us with your registry number!
  • Performing these entry tasks will also enter participants to win weekly $50 or $100 Babies “R” Us gift cards through the GB Travel Safe Sweepstakes

*Information in italics was provided by Influence Central, the post’s sponsor.

Feed Your Snack Attack With Funny Face Cranberries! #Free #Rafflecopter #Giveaway

One of the things I’ve learned in dealing with hypoglycemia (low blood sugar), is that I can’t rely on spur-of-the-moment snacking decisions to keep me healthy.

Really, how many of us start feeling a bit lightheaded because we’ve skipped a meal – hey, we’re busy parents! It’s easy to get distracted by rambunctious small children and let our own need for food go by the wayside.  Or maybe the kiddos actually cleaned their plate for once and the deliberately small portion we chose for ourself won’t be supplemented by our children’s leftovers.

And there we are, in the midst of our busy schedule and we need something FAST!  So we make a grab for whatever is closest – or make a pit stop at a convenience store or fast food joint – and hurriedly stuff our face with junk that’s overloaded with carbs, fat, sugar, chemicals and barely any redeeming nutritional value whatsoever.  The short-term sugar-high may feel good for a few minutes before you inevitably crash and burn, feeling a little ill and regret all the empty calories you ingested.

In my car, my purse, my workbag, my work area and my kitchen, I’ve got a stash of tasty healthy snacks that I can grab on the go. (Sometimes I feel a little like a squirrel hiding its stash in all these places!)

Here’s what I have in my basic Snack-Aid Kit:

  • A bottle of water
  • A mini-can or two of Low Sodium V8 (higher potassium than regular version)
  • A packet of nuts
  • Dried fruit (Currently, my fave is Funny Face Cranberries)
  • Whole grain crackers
  • A nutritional food bar like Clif or Larabar (no relation to me :D)

If my budget allows, I’ll even get those DIY Tuna Salad mini-kits and add that.

You can even combine the nuts and dried fruit in a tasty trail mix!

Try out this recipe for Choo Choo Cherry’s Easy Pumpkin Seed Trail Mix from the Funny Face Cranberries Recipe Page!


Besides being a change-up from same-old same-old raisins, let’s do a nutritional comparison between the two:

famous brand of raisins                   Funny Face Choo-Choo Cherry flavored Cranberries

label_raisins_24oz_can1                         nutrition-product

There’s a heckuva lot more sugar and a lot less fiber in the raisins compared to Funny Face Cranberries!  Wow! Half my daily requirement of fiber in just one serving of the cranberries!  Half the sugar per serving, too!  And that’s with the raisins’ serving being a miserly 1/4 cup, while Funny Face treats me nice and serves me 1/3 cup of tasty goodness! (It means I get to stuff my face with a lot less guilt :D)

Funny Face Cranberries are also a great substitute for any recipe that calls for raisins – bread pudding, muffins, oatmeal, etc.

The little snack-sized boxes are the perfect size to slip into your children’s lunchboxes, too!

And with Thanksgiving coming up, here’s a useful tip: nibble on some of your healthy snacks prior to sitting down for the Big Meal.  You can still enjoy all your favorites, but it’ll be easier to keep to smaller portions if you’re not going into the meal while suffering from hunger pangs!

If you’d like to win a chance to nibble on Funny Face Cranberries for yourself, and receive a nifty reuseable lunchbag and other fun treats, please enter our giveaway below that’s been generously sponsored by Funny Face Cranberries!


And if you enjoy hanging out on social media, you can find Funny Face Cranberries here:

pinlogo youlogo facelogo twit

Happy Holidays!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


*I received samples of Funny Face Cranberries from the manufacturer to facilitate this review and they have sponsored a giveaway prize for my readers.  The opinions expressed in this review are my own and were not influenced by the sponsor and do not necessarily reflect the sponsor’s point of view.

Dave’s Killer Bread is perfect for Autumn cooking! #momsmeet

daves-killer-bread-logo daves-killer-bread

I was recently given the opportunity by Moms Meet to review some samples of Dave’s Killer Bread. Since I’m always in favor of healthy foods for my family, I was pretty happy to try it out.  The loaves I tried were Organic and Non-GMO (YAY!!) and I was pretty happy with the results.

First off, I’m American and I grew up knowing the awesomeness of bread.  I like this brand of bread – it’s very hearty, good amounts of the seeds/grains, very chewable, nice flavor – kind of like artisinal breads that you’d find in an actual bakery or at a farmer’s market.  And using similarly hearty and rustic-y ingredients for a sandwich with this bread is the way to to go.  Bold flavors that also add to the texture already present in the bread.

This is not the bread for a PB&J, or a single slice of american cheese.  My kids just do not have the mature palate needed to appreciate this bread.  Also, I think they weren’t comfy with all the seeds and grains in the bread.  They prefer more ‘squish’ when they chew their food.  Sadly, my Japanese husband grew up bread-deprived.  His idea of proper bread rhymes with ‘blunder head’.

So I decided to circumvent their ‘overly healthy’ sensors and resorted to subterfuge.

Good Seed Bread


This bread makes a darn good french toast!  I don’t mean that ‘barely dip the bread in the beaten egg’ nonsense – I mean making a real custard base – eggs, milk, a little brown sugar, various spices – and SOAKING the bread until it’s almost falling apart (and this bread actually holds up pretty well!), and then placing it in the frypan (I use cast iron) or grill and COVERING it, so it can steam itself, turning when the bottom side is brown enough for your tastes – the french toast will rise a bit.

The beauty of this bread is that it’s flavor is complemented by the custard base, not overpowered by it, and all the seeds and grains add lovely texture to it, instead of the mushiness that regular breads end up with.

The kids ate this with no complaints and my husband asked for seconds! SCOOOOOOOORRRRRREEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This bread gets a 5-star rating for french toast-ibility!

21 Whole Grains And Seeds Bread


So I decided to stay within the non-sandwich range of cookery and tried this flavor of Dave’s Killer Bread in a bread pudding recipe – Pumpkin Cranberry Bread Pudding.

And again, the bread keeps it’s flavor clear, the seeds/grains adding to the texture, saving the world from mushiness, and just generally being awesome!  This was a great autumny, rustic-y showcase for this bread.  And the kiddos and husband also enjoyed eating it!

This bread gets a 5-star rating for breadpudding-ibility!


Dave’s Killer Bread started out in 2005 and quickly became the favorite organic bread at their local Farmer’s Market in Portland, Oregon.  Less than a decade later, they are the #1 best-selling organic bread in the country. All their breads are organic, Non-GMO Project Verified, and packed with killer taste and texture.  Dave’s Killer Bread is known for its trademark explosion of seeds, delicious chewiness, and high quality ingredients. But the company strives to be more than just breadmakers – they believe in creating lasting change for the bread industry, their communities and their employees.

Available in 12 varieties in major grocery chains across 17 states and parts of
western Canada, Dave’s Killer Bread packs a punch with delicious flavors loaded
with seeds, ancient grains, and whole grain nutrition. Each slice also contains
as much protein as one egg! A loaf of Dave’s Killer Bread retails between $5.00
and $6.00.
• You asked, and Dave’s Killer Bread delivered! As requested by several
moms who participated in last year’s sampling, Dave’s Killer Bread added
100% Whole Wheat bread to their product line. With a smooth texture and
a touch of sweetness, it’s the perfect seedless bread for everything from
sandwiches to french toast.
• Seeded Honey Wheat is the first Non-GMO Project Verified honey wheat
bread on the market. With 5g of fiber and protein, the sweet taste and
crunchy texture of Seeded Honey Wheat will make it an instant family
• With 21 Whole Grains and Seeds Thin-Sliced, you don’t have to sacrifice
taste and nutrition when watching calories. Loaded with grainy texture and
hearty flavor, 21 Whole Grains and Seeds Thin-Sliced only has 60 calories
per slice.
• Packed with a whopping 6g of protein and 4g of fiber per slice, Good
Seed™ has the boldest texture and sweetest flavor of all of their breads.

You can find Dave’s Killer Bread online at:

Twitter: @KillerBreadMan

Facebook: DavesKillerBread

** I received this product for free from the sponsor of the Moms
MeetSM program, May Media Group LLC, who received it
directly from the manufacturer. As a Moms MeetsSM blogger,
I agree to use this product and post my opinion on my blog.
My opinions do not necessarily reflect the opinions of May
Media Group LLC or the manufacturer of this product

* All text in italics was provided by Moms Meet.

Feeling chilly? Perfect timing for @FrontierSoups !!

FrontierLogo583blkwithtag application-frontiersoups

To my Japanese husband, soup just means one thing: miso.  Miso soup is considered a side dish and never a main meal in Japan.  But here in America, particularly the northern states, soup as a main dish is very much looked forward to as autumn weather turns nippy!

When Moms Meet approached me to try out Frontier Soups‘ ‘Homemade In Minutes‘ line, I was rubbing my hands in anticipatory glee.

“Just trust me,” I cajoled my skeptical husband. “Soup for dinner is really a thing in the US!  Think how nice it’ll be to come home at the end of a long day, all chilled to the bone (“That won’t be so nice!” he quipped.) and getting to sit down to a nice hot steaming bowl of soup!  It’ll warm you right up from the inside out!”

He was willing to give it a try, though his one caveat was that I also prepare an ample supply of steamed rice. (Rice is a Japanese meal-time staple – they don’t consider it having been a real actual meal unless rice has been served, even if the table’s loaded with bread and pasta.)

The things I liked most overall about these soups, was that:

A) They were easy to prepare

B) They were quick to prepare

C) They didn’t need expensive or exotic add-ins

D) Many of the mixes are gluten-free, so if our gluten-free cousins came to visit, we’d be able to serve those to them.

E) The corn and rice ingredients are Non-GMO, and there’s no MSG or other non-natural ingredients!

F) They tasted GREAT!!!

Connecticut Cottage Chicken Noodle Soup


I’m a fan of Chicken Noodle Soups, with a Jewish background, how could I not be?  Happily, this soup did not disappoint!  It had a lovely made-from-scratch taste, without the overdose of fat, even considering the minor butter add-in.  I didn’t use chicken breast, though. I had some leftover cooked boneless, skinless thighs and those worked just fine!

This was a good, satisfying soup, and paired with some cheese toast, was good for a light lunch, or for pouring down the gullet of a person with a cold.

I give it 4 stars for taste and 2.5 stars for complete dinner-meal-ability.

Florida Sunshine Red Pepper Corn Chowder


I love chowders, particularly seafood chowders!  But soup-mix potatoes are usually ‘meh’ at best. Well, I don’t know how Frontier Soups went about preserving their soupmix potatoes, but when reconstituted as part of the soup, these taters did pretty good!  No points off for those!

There was a teensy bit of cayenne for some very minor heat, but it was nothing that scared off the kids.  I added in some shrimp and served it forth.

This was one that got a verbal exclamation of enjoyment from my husband! (Yay!) and with only the obligatory bowl of steamed rice, he was willing to concede that yes, soups can really be a real meal. (With rice alongside. Of course.)

I give it 5 stars for taste and 4 stars for complete dinner-meal-ability served alongside a small green salad or green smoothie (And the rice, of course – who could forget the rice!) This was one that did a good job of sticking to your ribs! And the kiddos ate every bit of it!

South of the Border Tortilla Soup


This one was also a winner with my husband and I, but a bit too strong-tasting for my kids.  I really didn’t think it was all that spicy though.  I did add in 1 cup of mild queso salsa, but just to give it a bit of creaminess that my husband expected after having his tastebuds spoiled by commercial chain restaurant tortilla soups. The tomato salsa I used was also mild.

I give it 4.5 stars for taste and 5 stars for complete dinner-meal-ability, as-is. (Yes, dear – rice, rice, rice! Sheesh! *whispers: but really, while rice is nice, this soup can stand alone with all the veggies and protein it’s got.)

Mississippi Delta Tomato Basil Soup

Without cream, not pureed.
With cream added and pureed.

Literally, a few minutes before I made this one, my husband called to let me know he’d just gotten a tooth extracted, and by the way, could I please make sure that dinner was liquid? Oh yeah, and the dentist said – ‘No rice!’.  There was manly whimpering.  Very manly…really!

So I prepared this mix , added cream and then ran the whole kit and caboodle through my nutribullet blender to puree it all.

It. Was. Fantastic!

“THIS!!  This is AMAZING!!” my husband gestured emphatically and ecstatically.  Thank god, because he was so happy with this soup that I didn’t hear a single kvetch, moan, whine or complaint at the lack of rice on the table. 😀 (YAY!!!)

This was a gorgeous-tasting soup!  I haven’t tasted better in a restaurant!

I give it a solid 5 stars for taste AND 5 stars for complete dinner-meal-ability, if served with a glass of milk for some protein!

This was a soup that you wish you could strew on satin-covered sheets and roll around in it – forget rose petals!  Pureed, the mouth-feel  and quality ingredients melded into luxurious richness. Maybe pair it with some garlic bread, but go easy on the garlic, you don’t want to overpower the awesome taste of this soup!

(And then my husband made me puree some rice. Sigh.)


Frontier Soups is an American company founded by Trisha
Anderson, who transformed her life-long love of cooking into
a career in the food industry. The company is dedicated to
creating the best all-natural products possible. They believe
that soup is the essence of comfort food and Frontier Soups
mixes make it so easy to serve simple, satisfying meals at
home. Today, they offer a variety of all-natural soups, stews,
chili, and chowders to families around the country.

Just the facts
• All Frontier Soups Homemade in Minutes mixes include all-natural ingredients
with no added salt, preservatives, or MSG.
• Frontier offers a variety of mixes including: South of the Border Tortilla Soup
Mix, Connecticut Cottage Chicken Noodle Soup Mix, Florida Sunshine Red
Pepper Corn Chowder Soup Mix, West Coast Kale and Quinoa Vegetable
Soup Mix, Mississippi Delta Tomato Basil Soup Mix, and Little Schoolhouse
Alphabet Soup Mix.
• With the help of Frontier Soups Homemade in Minutes mixes it takes just 30-
45 minutes to create a meal for your family and friends.
• All corn and rice ingredients in every mix are certified non-GMO. Many of the
Frontier Soups mixes are certified gluten-free by the Celiac Sprue Association.
• Frontier Soups Homemade in Minutes mixes are available from the following
retailers: Whole Foods, The Fresh Market, Kroger Natural Stores, Central
Market in Texas, Great Harvest Bread Stores, Omaha Steaks, Braum’s Fresh
Markets and 1500 other independent and specialty stores across the country,
and in Canada at Sobey’s and Whole Foods. Products are also available online
at Frontier Soups, Abe’s Market and Amazon.

Frontier Soups is offering an exclusive Moms Meet deal to share with
my readers! With the Moms Meet Soup Mix 6-pack, you‘ll get 20%
off the original price, plus free shipping on your order! To purchase,

Visit to get more information about the company. On their website
you’ll also find recipe ideas that will help upgrade your traditional soup recipes to
gourmet meals in a few simple steps. Plus, Frontier Soups also publishes a blog filled
with cooking tips and must-know nutrition info!

You can also find them on Twitter and on Facebook

*Text in italics was provided by the Moms MeetSM program, May Media Group LLC.

** I received this product for free from the sponsor of
the Moms MeetSM program, May Media Group LLC,
who received it directly from the manufacturer. As a
Moms MeetsSM blogger, I agreed to use this product
and post my opinion on my blog. My opinions do not
necessarily reflect the opinions of May Media Group
LLC or the manufacturer of the product.


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