About Us

Hi!  My name is Lara N., I’m a 50-something SAHM (Stay At Home Mother) and I have been married for 23 years.  I’m from New Jersey, and my husband is from Japan, so we have that international/interracial/pretty-much inter-everything thing going on 🙂

I’m the mother of 11-yr-old twin girls who I conceived after 3 InVitro  attempts, carried 39 weeks, and gave birth to via c-section (both were head-up).

Promptly after that, I experienced breastfeeding difficulties, sticker-shock at just how expensive life with twins can be and more exhaustion than I thought humanly possible!!

Since then, we’ve all been growing and widening our hearts, and somehow managing to deal with our expenses.

I decided to put up this blog as something that might be of interest to people with multiples (twins, etc…) or other small children in their life, infertility issues, in-vitro experiences, breastfeeding issues, international marriages, parents re-claiming their other-than-parent identities, and other related topics.

I’m currently only really writing posts about thoughts and topics that interest me, that resonate with me.

From time to time I’ll write a product review, and if I’ve received any form of compensation for it, I’ll mark that clearly.

If you’ve got any questions, please check out our FAQ below, or just send me an email at:

May your life be doubly Blessed!

~ Lara


  • Why don’t you have pictures of your kids on your website?
  • What religion are you?
  • Why isn’t there more religious stuff on your page?

Q:  Why don’t you have pictures of your kids on your website?

A: Studies have been done on water by a Professor Emoto, that have proven that thought or intention can have a physical effect on the structure of water, even over long distances.  Negative thoughts can alter the molecular structure for the worse.  And since the human body is 70% water…  if by remote chance, instead of a nice person like yourself visiting this webpage, a nutjob happened to land here, I wouldn’t want someone like that taking a look at my kids.  And sadly, I have run into other mama bloggers who were shocked to find pics of their kids they put up on their blogs ending up on extremely sick websites.

Q:  What religion are you?

A: My beliefs at present time are generally best described as Lightworker.

May we all be better able to see our commonalities, rather than our differences. May we pour out Love and Light to all, so that all may live in peace. May we all be surrounded and embraced by kindness, respect and love, and may we actively express that everyday to those around us.

It’s a lot more complex than that, but that’s about as far as I’ll go into it on this venue.

Q:  Why isn’t there more religious stuff on your page?

A: Because this is a page about raising my twins.  Of course our religious beliefs/practices are a major part of our lives, and guide and inform every aspect, but I’m confident in my faith and don’t feel the need to blatantly whack people upside the heads with my religious beliefs.  There really isn’t a contest or competition to “out-religious” others or prove who is holier than thou.  What?  You were expecting glazed eyes and religious fervor oozing on every page?  If I blog about chocolate or sci-fi, you may get that.  But otherwise, my beliefs and practice of the same are such an intrinsic part of my life that I just go about my business as usual without needing to froth at the mouth about it to whomever is within reach.

That said, I would like to recommend “Silent Unity”, which is the Unity church’s prayer hotline: 1-800-PRAY-NOW.  They’ll politely listen to you vent about your woes for about a minute, then they’ll pray with you, and then send you a nice inspirational letter in the mail as well.  It’s free, and there’s no limit on how many times you can call.  They really helped me a lot at times when things got difficult.  I think there’s good things about almost every religion that can be applied toward our own flavor of faith on the path to our Source.

There, a little helping of religious stuff I sneaked in while you weren’t looking.  Happy now?  If not, call the folks at Unity.  They’re really nice. 😉