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Finding the Best Prenatal Vitamin

New Chapter Organics Perfect PrenatalWhen I was newly pregnant with my twins, one of the first things I had to shop for was the best prenatal vitamin.  I read article after article, read reviews, asked other parents and researched the recommendation of my OB/GYN (who I later ditched because of their callous attitude).  I reached saturation point on info about iron levels, side effects (constipation, yippee! :D), folate vs. folic acid, fillers, synthetic vs. organic, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. LOL! 😀 vectorstock-215595-sleeping-emoticon-vector

Yep, there’s a bit more involved than just casually accepting whatever the doctor (who might be receiving incentives for certain recommendations) hands you, but the research you invest in something so vital to you and your baby’s health is time well spent.

Anyhoo, during my vitamin quest one day, another mama had posted an article mentioning that Gwyneth Paltrow was practically ecstatic about one particular brand of prenatal vitamin. In fact, she loved it so much that she was taking it even when she wasn’t pregnant. Huh?

Gwyneth Paltrow as Pepper Potts in Iron Man
Gwyneth Paltrow as Pepper Potts in Iron Man

I’m not one to rush out and buy a product based on a (probably compensated) celebrity say-so, but what caught my interest was that New Chapter Organics Perfect Prenatal Vitamins were organic. Not only that, many of the sources from which the vitamins in the tablet were derived, were from whole food sources and involved fermentation.  This was intriguing and I decided to look into this prenatal product.

After quite a lot of research, I’d decided that this was the one for me! Then breathed a HUGE sigh of relief that that topic of research was finally over with. 😀

I took the vitamins, I didn’t have any constipation problems, the babies turned out fine, case closed, right?

Uh-uh. Nope!

Because now it’s a very tough 9 years later (twins!) and I find that I still don’t feel I’m ‘back on my feet’, so to speak.  Guess what? Apparently “Post-Natal Depletion” is also a very real thing.

I’ve actually been hearing a lot from other mamas who likewise still feel like something the cat dragged in, even several years later, post-partum.  And speaking of post-partum – apparently post-partum depression can linger on for YEARS after giving birth! (And is exacerbated by post-natal depletion.) A lot of mamas also suffer from self-esteem issues when they don’t bounce back quickly after giving birth, or even after the kids are finally school-ready.


Well, when you’re consistently operating under a post-natal depletion deficit for years, you’re not going to be feeling the greatest.  Simply getting your regular pre-pregnancy intake levels of nutrients isn’t going to be enough. You also need to replenish the used-up stores of nutrients in your body that had been stockpiling for years before pregnancy occurred.  And if you’ve had more than one pregnancy, that deficit is going to get depleted even more with each subsequent pregnancy.

So even though I’m not planning on having any more children, I will be using New Chapter Organics Perfect Prenatal Vitamins to help me replenish myself. +++

How about you? Do you have a particular favorite prenatal vitamin? While you were researching pregnancy or baby-related topics did you come across any startling new info? Please comment below and share with us. Thank you! 😀

Happy Holidays everyone, and PLEASE – Mamas especially – take GOOD care of yourselves!  You deserve it!

**This post is a sponsored partnership with Nakturnal. The opinions expressed above and specific product recommendation are entirely my own.

+++ This post is opinion only and does not constitute medical advice. Please consult with a trusted medical professional to ascertain what levels of nutritional supplements would be most appropriate for your individual medical situation.

My guts – how’re they hangin’?

Before I got pregnant, I weighed 125 lbs.  By the end of my full-term twin pregnancy, I’d shot up to 184.  The girls were born after 39 weeks of pregnancy at 6 & 6 1/2 lbs respectively – which thankfully kept them out of the NICU (neonatal intensive care unit), but what that left me with was….

Diastasis Recti.

Basically, my abs did a vertical split and now my guts protrude.  Alot.  I look like I’m perpetually pregnant.  My abs are shot and now my back muscles have to do double duty! This leaves me feeling pretty tired and achy all the time, not to mention having to be careful of my protruding guts.

You’d think that this would be treated as a legitimate medical condition and that insurance would cover the outpatient surgery needed to correct it, but you’d be wrong.

The surgery is generally known as a “cosmetic” proceedure for people wanting prettier tummies – a “tummy tuck” – and on your own dime it’s about $25,000.

Exercises can only do so much (and not much at that) to reduce the gap through which your guts protrude, and binders, cinches, corsets and other shapewear or compression garments are also limited in the actual support they provide.

One of the constant dangers is that your guts will herniate, twist and ‘strangulate’, which means you are in deep doo-doo.

Well, guess what happened to me?

Yep, I coughed a little too much during my recent bout of bronchitis and something went SPROING!!

Hurt like frickin’ heck!

After a few days of lotsa pain, I went to see my doctor who told me that my intestines are herniated – oh joy!

And that I need surgery for it.

The good news, however, is that now that I’ve graduated to an ‘actual’ medical condition, most likely the insurance will cover the surgery to repair the hernia and the diastasis.  Hooray!

Good thing my husband’s got some vacay time saved up! He’s the one getting saddled with the kids while I have the surgery and recover from it.


Hi Expectant New Mother of Multiples,

I’m sure that when you heard the news that you were pregnant with twins/triplets/quadruplets/or more, that along with the joy, there was a bit of shock and perhaps a little bit of worry at how you would be able to take care of that many babies!

I hope that this will help you feel more empowered about that.

Or maybe you’ve already given birth, or your babies have gotten a bit older, perhaps there is something here that may also help you out.  This is for you, too:

I’ve got twin girls who are almost 4 yrs old.  The following is information I’ve acquired by hard experience, that I really wish someone had told me about, back even before my girls were born.
In addition to getting your sleep and eating right (and remember the nutritional requirements are different for a twin pregnancy vs. a single one.),

The next priority is to get a support network rounded up.  You need people you can trust to take care of the babies while you take a break.  A minimum of three people (including yourself) is needed, so they can rotate taking care of the babies with taking a rest.

If you have friends or family who will be willing to take a shift after the babies are born, great!  Or if you’re a single parent, you can see if your ex’s family would be willing to lend a hand with their grandkids, nieces/nephews.  Now is not the time to let pride get in the way of survival.

Let’s say worst case scenario and you have none of the above.

My next piece of advice would be to join a church or synagogue or mosque, etc… now, before the babies are born, and be very friendly – those people may just be willing to help you out when the babies arrive.  I know that may sound a bit opportunistic, but again: survival for you and your babies is a priority.  And in providing nice people with a way to help others (yourself and your babies), you’re actually helping them out, too!  🙂

I ended up hiring a teen from our church (she had 4 younger siblings) who was homeschooling for her final year in highschool.  She stayed with us during the week and slept over.  She was available during the daytime and was great!  On weekends she went back home.  She was fine with $6 per hour and a reference letter she could use for job applications/college applications, plus whatever snacks she wanted along with meals.

Once she got sick and went home and her mom came and filled in for her.  It was a great experience for us, and it was a safe way for her to try out living away from home, prior to college, but still have her family nearby.

Also, check to see if there is a local Mothers Of Multiples (MOMs) chapter near you, or a “Mom’s Club” (that’s what it’s called), or other parent or mom organization.  Sometimes they can be very helpful arranging for hands on help, organizing meals for the first week the babies are home, getting clothing donations, etc…

Also you will need a support network that you can call for emotional support.  Twins or more are hard work, but it can be done.  I knew a single mother of triplets!  (After turning out pregnant with trips, her husband ran out on her.)  With the help of a local MOMs chapter, she managed to deal with everything.

Another resource is the local La Leche League.  They might also be able to put you in touch with community resources or helpers.

You could also ask at your local library – they might know community resources or groups that could provide help of some sort.

Also, the guidance counselor from your highschool or college (even if you’ve graduated), or a favorite teacher, or a kindly neighbor are all people who at least could provide emotional and verbal support, and possibly more.

I’m sure that even your friends’ mothers would be willing to provide advice if needed.

You’ll be fine, don’t worry.  Just get started on your support network.  It’ll make things SO much easier down the road.

Feel free to contact me if you need to, my email is on my website in the “About Us” section listed on top.

Twice Blessed Life – Raising Twins Heartistically!

P.S.  If you have any other ‘Must Have’ advice for a new or expectant mother of multiples, please leave a comment below

Time Machine

One of the more frequent questions I get asked by other mamas is:  “If you had to do it all over again, what would you have done differently?”  in regards to my parenting choices since my twins were born.

I had a twin pregnancy that lasted 39 weeks after conceiving thru In Vitro (3rd and final attempt).  Sometime in the second trimester, everytime I stood up for any length of time, I started feeling little contractions, so I tried to not stand up too much.  This meant that I had LOTS of time on my hands with which to overworry myself.

For me, this meant RESEARCH – and lots of it!  Thanks to the modern miracle of technology, we can now oversaturate ourselves with info thru the internet – almost like being hooked up to an information IV line.

One of the things I had no idea was so difficult was cloth diapers.  From my research I knew they were the best for my babies, but when you’re actually confronted with a wildly flailing baby, you’ve got to get the cover off, remove the snappis, get the cloth diaper off, wipe down and then do everything in reverse, and even if you’ve pre-folded, with the baby wiggling so much, you end up re-folding again anyway,  well it sure makes the disposable option of rip it off, wipedown, slap on another one, seem mighty attractive.

Then there was the disposal – we only had pickups once a week, so we stashed the diaper bucket (and no odor-eater is THAT good!) in our second bathroom, where it started hatching creepy critters galore.  We were only given a VERY permeable cloth sack to store them in, so we were mucho grateful when the diaper service started using large plastic bins!

My husband had worried that someone might steal the (dirty) diapers from our doorstep while they waited for pickup.  I reassured him that unless the thieves were absolute fools who were olfactorilly challenged and mistook DIApers for DIAmonds, then he had nothing to worry about!

This went on for nearly a year.  By that time, we were desperately exhausted and clawing madly for ways to make things easier on ourselves.  So we decided to scrap the cloth diapers and use Seventh Generation diapers and wipes, instead.

The absolute disdain and contempt heaped upon us by the diaper service people was almost palpable, but they didn’t have twinfants, we did!  So we sucked it up, held our heads high and handed over the last batch of dirties with a smile and a thank-you.

After that, the Seventh Gen diapers were SOOOOO easy!

So, long story short – if I had to do it over again, I’d use Seventh Generation diapers and wipes from the get-go.  You can get them from with their Moms Club at 15% off, combined with the subscribe and save plan (which is free and you can cancel at any time, and get free shipping too) for another 15% off, for a total savings of 30% off!

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